Need a cool and unique gift? Mile5.2 has all kinds of cool stuff

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Need a really cool, last minute Christmas gift? At Mile 5.2 Greenhouse in Eagle River, we have gifts you can't find anywhere else in Alaska. Buddha's, Chinese Lanterns, Air Plants, Pineapple Plants, Lemon Trees, Jewelry from Thailand, and many more exotic gifts. We're open Monday through Saturday: 10am to 7pm. We’re much more than a [...]

Start the New Year with a Ruby Ball Cactus

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Gymnocalycium Cactus, also known as the Ruby Ball Cactus or Red Ball Cactus, are actually a grafted specimen. From - The Gymnocalycium cultivar -- sometimes called ruby ball cactus or moon cactus -- is actually two cacti in one. A pure red cactus seedling lacks the ability to produce chlorophyll and will die unless [...]

We have unique Christmas gifts

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We have many unique items in our gift shop that you can't find anywhere else in Alaska. Vintage Japanese Ceramics, Gongs, Water fountains, Buddhas, Wind Chimes, Pre de Provence soaps, Chocolates, and many others. Colorful Japanese Vase We’re much more than a Greenhouse. We carry a unique and unusual selection of thoughtful gifts [...]

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