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Edible Tropical Plants



The BANANA (MUSA) is such an easy showy tropical plant to grow in the Alaskan home or office. The Cavendish variety will have fruit in four years. They grow to about 6 feet tall and will produce many pups (baby plants) over their lifetime. Enough that you could start your own banana farm. Grow these plants warm in bright light. The bottom leaves will naturally turn yellow, then brown. Cut them off when they are no longer attractive and a new leaf will almost immediately emerge from the top. When it’s time to repot, go up gradually in pot size. Never allow the tree to sit in water. Bananas seem to sail on through the Alaskan winters with the addition of a simple fluorescent light.


Pineapples live and grow on Aloha time, so this is plant life in the slow lane. They are both dramatic and durable plants but speedy they are not. Pineapple plants are in the Bromeliad family and will thrive in your Alaskan home or office. They make an excellent conversation piece in the office. Our Pineapple plants are 4 to 5 years old and of fruit bearing age. The fruit begins as a purple flower and months later when ready to pick, the aroma of the fresh Pineapple will be apparent. They are tropical yet easy to care for in your home or office. What a wonderful gift for the one who has everything or for your own sunny space.

Bright light is what they prefer and water only when dry. Like all Bromeliads, the parent plant will produce “Pups” or genetic offspring right off the side of the plant much the same way as Banana Trees have Pups. The parent plant produces one pineapple which matures and can be picked in about 9 months. Then the Pups come into play, each producing their own pineapple. The parent plant and the pups can coexist for some time before the parent plant dies and the pups take over.


Camelia Sinensis

This is a sturdy no muss no fuss easy to care for bush with serrated shiny leaves. The leaves and buds from this shrub or bush are used to make tea. A cash crop in Asia, the plant is easy to grow inside the Alaskan home during winter months and outside during the Alaskan summer. Our plants are mature at 4 to 5 years of age and producing the leaves to brew for your own tea. The leaves can be picked the same day you load the bush in the back of your pickup or Subaru and take it home.



Olives are produced along branches amid silvery green foliage on trees that are best grown on the drier side. Trees can be pruned for bushiness and grown outside during the summer in Alaska. Carefree and easy to grow indoors during the winter. Our trees are mature and will produce Olives soon after you take them home.


Giant spreading leaves seem to reach out to the sun while a wealth of figs are produced twice a year. Easy care indoors during the winter and they thrive outside during an Alaskan summer. Winter leaf drop is normal then reliably followed by new spring growth. Our trees are mature and will produce Figs this year. The stems have growth notches which can be cut and placed in dirt to produce a new tree. Likewise if the dog knocks it over you’ll then have two fig trees, simple enough.

Bay Leaf Tree

Our Bay Leaf Trees are over five years old. The leaves are many and are ready to be harvested. Unlike other Herbs, the Bay leaves need to be dried before being used in cooking. An evergreen tree by nature with shiny new leaves. Easy to grow indoors during the winter then outside for the Alaskan summer. Here’s your endless supply of Fresh Bay Leaves.

Below are our Edible Tropical Plants listed in alphabetical order:

  • Banana Trees
  • Bay Trees
  • Coffee Plants
  • Citrus Trees
  • Fig Trees
  • Goji Berries
  • Grape Vines
  • Honeyberries
  • Hops Vines
  • Kiwi Vines
  • Olive Trees
  • Pineapple Plants
  • Pomegranates
  • Sea Berries
  • Szechuan Peppers
  • Tea Bushes (Camellia Sinensis)

We’re open seven days a week and conveniently located just a short 15 minute drive from Anchorage. We’ve been in business more than fifteen years serving the Anchorage, Eagle River and Palmer / Wasilla areas. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are here to assist you in selecting just the right tropical plants for your home or office environment. It’s always spring at Mile 5.2 Greenhouse!

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